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The conditions of depression, bipolar disorder, autism and schizophrenia are all pretty complex to understand and tough to treat. However, the person suffering from such a condition needs to undergo anti depressant medication at the earliest to prevent the condition from worsening.

Generic Abilify is being used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder increasingly due to its very potent action. You can buy aripiprazole(Abilify) or generic abilify for the treatment of schizophrenia as both of them are available through prescription and needs to be taken only once each day.

OThis medication has been proven to be effective for conditions like autism as well due to its augmentative effect. Individuals suffering from major depression have been advised to use this along with other anti depressants to obtain total relief from their mental condition.


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Benefits of Using Generic Abilify (Aripiprazole):

In addition to using aripiprazole(Abilify) for autism, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia, its ‘off-label’ uses have been documented for the treatment of dementia in elderly folks.

The benefits of desloratadine thus extend to discomfort caused by both outdoor as well indoor allergies and have proved to be most useful for patients.

The condition of schizophrenia is a very complex one to understand. The patient is unable to provide a logical reason and the doctor too observing such patients are often at their wit’s end as to how to treat them. The conflicting and paradoxical behaviours exhibited by patients make it difficult for doctors to arrive at a single solution as they are faced with newer challenges on a regular basis when dealing with such patients.

Patients experience hallucinations, movement disorders, and delusions and lose interest in daily activities. They slip into a mode of monotony and when they talk you are unable to understand the gravity of the situation from their talk or expressions. It becomes difficult for the doctor to engage in a protracted and intelligent conversation with such patients as they tend to contradict themselves and their behaviour too appears to be perplexing. At times, they may speak well and on other occasions, they may not say anything despite being coaxed to do so.

They are unable to do anything planned as their working memory gets impacted. They are unable to remain focused on a task for any length of time. Their concentration powers are severely diminished as well. Such people need a lot of psychotherapy along with anti depressant medication.

You can buy aripiprazole(Abilify) or Generic Abilify to treat such patients only from the perspective of reducing the number of events of any seizures, hallucinations, delusions they may be experiencing. You need to combine it with counseling and other techniques to help them remain positive. As long as the levels of essential brain chemicals remain within normal limits, these people would exhibit normal behaviour but once the levels go up, they can become neurotic and unpredictable in their behaviour.

The main benefit of generic abilify is that it is well tolerated by patients otherwise sensitive to antipsychotics. They tolerate Aripiprazole(Abilify) medicine well enough and experience side effects that are much lesser, helping them to experience improvements in their attitude and outlook towards life. They experience less irritability and that means lesser chances of them inflicting physical injuries to themselves and to others. Their mood swings also reduce considerably.

Action Mechanism of Using Generic Abilify (Aripiprazole):

Aripiprazole or Generic Abilify falls under the antipsychotic group of medications also referred to as second generation or atypical medicines. While the exact mechanism is not known, one thing is for sure. Generic abilify has been known to reduce the levels of vital chemicals like dopamine as well as serotonin. Typically, these chemicals are found in higher levels in people suffering from manic depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

By bringing down the levels of these chemicals within the brain of such people, aripiprazole or Generic Abilify is able to bring about some relief from attacks. It needs to be mentioned here that this medication is not suggested as a total cure for such mental disorders. It can at best only be used to control the symptoms and intensity or episodes of attacks in the person

Precautions Before Using Generic Abilify (Aripiprazole):

It is very necessary and essential that any previous events of seizures are reported to the doctor prior to the commencement of the medication. You have to tell your doctor the medication you are currently taking as well as some of them may be contraindicated with Aripiprazole (generic abilify).

Any form of seizures, bouts of epilepsy, signs of dementia, forgetfulness, heart ailment, low blood pressure and phenyketonuria have to be informed to your doctor before starting treatment.

Allergies to food, whether you are lactating, intending to become pregnant or are drinking alcohol also needs to be shared with him. Both prescription as well as over the counter medicines that you are already taking have to be taken into account. Even vitamin as well as herbal supplements have to be accounted for. Basically, you need to be totally transparent and not hide anything.

The age of the patient is also of prime consideration.

One of the reasons behind the US FDA issuing a warning as to the use of generic aripiprazole or Abilify for those elderly folks suffering from dementia or confusion is that they are more likely to succumb to this treatment and it can be fatal for them. So it is clear elderly folks cannot be treated with antipsychotic drugs like aripiprazole(Abilify). It can cause a condition called Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome or NMS in them which can be a threat to their lives.

Side Effects of Generic Abilify (Aripiprazole)

There are some common side effects such as anxiety, headaches and insomnia. They tend to become less intense with the passage of time and are not something that needs the attention of the doctor. The individual may also experience hair loss, break out of acne and skin conditions like eczema. These are however minor and well tolerated.

Other side effects of Generic Abilify (Aripiprazole)

But there are others like spurt in blood pressure, increase in body weight due to sudden weight gain as well as the frequency of suicidal thoughts that merit the attention of doctors and have to be reported. The person may also find his blood sugar levels increasing accompanied by frequent urination and thirst. The person may also become a lot more restless and at times become dizzy when changing body position. He may feel his head is spinning when he stands up or sits down. The movement of the muscles may become abnormal and they may become stiff. Some patients may also face problems with their erections. The erections will not reduce leading to a painful condition called priapism. Difficulty in swallowing and breathing may also occur.

All of the above conditions cannot be neglected and the doctor has to be informed.

Dosage of Generic Abilify (Aripiprazole)

As a start, the dosage of Abilify recommended is 10 to 15 mg daily and to be taken only once for treatment of schizophrenia. The dosage of Abilify is 15mg for bipolar disorder. The starting dose for depression is lesser at 2 to 5mg.

For adolescents, the dosage of Abilify is much lower at 2mg everyday for schizophrenia.

The doctor may alter dosage for all of the above depending on how the patient is responding. He will consider age, current medication and response.

The patient is advised not to self medicate or stop taking Abilify medicines on his own though.

Aripiprazole or generic abilify remains the medication of hope for all those suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder due to its efficacy and better tolerance levels.

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