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This anti-viral drug that has been used effectively for the treatment of viral infection is also very useful in treating Parkinson’s disease. It contains amantadine as one of its constituents. Symmetrel or Amantadine can be used alone or with other drugs that are anticholinergic in order to treat Parkinsonism symptoms and other neurological ailments such as movement lethargy, tremors, loss of body balance.

However, this synthetic anti-viral drug is mainly used to treat influenza. People suffering from an attack of influenza A virus respond well to Generic Symmetrel or Amantadine. They have reported relief from influenza within a couple of weeks of taking symmetrel.


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Benefits of Using of Amantadine or Symmetrel:

The primary usage of symmetrel is for treating influenza. If left untreated, the influenza A virus can cause serious lung related problems and can render the person immunocompromised. That will in turn expose the body to other infections. Symmetrel (Amantadine) can be administered to patients who cannot be vaccinated or for whom any vaccination is contraindicated. Treatment has to be administered within 48 hours for such patients to provide relief and Symmetrel or Amantadine is the ideal medication.

Its usage in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been recognized as well due to its ability to boost the dopamine level in the brain. Once this is done, the person stops experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and is able to lead a much better life. The amantadine present in symmetrel is believed to have anticholinergic properties which stimulates the release of dopamine and thus inhibits the destruction of critical neurons that are responsible for producing dopamine. With these neurons intact, the production of dopamine takes place and the deterioration of brain impulses slows down substantially.

Action Mechanism of Using Generic Symmetrel:

Symmetrel or Amantadine has the anti-viral constituent amantadine. This antiparkinsonian drug element has strong virostatic properties that prevent the spread of the influenza virus and also stimulates production of dopamine in the brain.

When dopamine levels come down, the communication between the various nerve cells in the brain breaks down. This leads to muscle functions getting slower and physical movement becomes very difficult without support. By ensuring that the neurons producing dopamine are intact, amantadine creates the right environment for the creation of dopamine in levels that are sufficient to keep the brain neurons and synapses in good working order.

Amantadine, due to its anticholinergic action works by blocking any binding of acetylcholine to the neuron receptors. This stops the involuntary physical movements that are typical of Parkinson’s disease. This is how Symmetrel helps in dealing with this dreaded disease.

Parkinson’s disease can be idiopathic or can be caused due to a stroke, trauma or side effects of some other medication. By restoring the levels of dopamine in the brain, this disease can be dealt with effectively and symmetrel (Amantadine) is able to do just that.

With regard to the prevention of growth of the influenza A virus, it is thought that amantadine interferes with the action of the viral protein that is so essential for the influenza virus to attack cells of the body. This interference renders the virus immobile and it is unable to spread its effect within other cells and the patient is thus able to recover quickly. The virus is unable to replicate itself in the absence of the viral protein and thus becomes ineffective.

People who cannot be vaccinated with the influenza vaccine or are contraindicated will have to be treated with Symmetrel or Amantadine. You can buy symmetrel with the help of the doctor’s prescription and obtain immediate relief from influenza. The spread of the virus and its negative impact on the working of the lungs is effectively neutralized by Generic Symmetrel or Amantadine.

Generic symmetrel has besides the very effective amantadine, other ingredients like rape seed oil, hydrogenated soya, sodium ethyl hydroxybenzoate, sorbitol, titanium dioxide to name a few. All of these combine in providing the required potency to this anti-viral drug.

Precautions before Using of Amantadine or Symmetrel:

You need to be careful about taking Symmetrel if you are:

  • Allergic to the ingredient amantadine (Symmetrel) and other such ingredients in symmetrel.
  • Pregnant or lactating.
  • Suffering from any kidney/ liver diseases.
  • Currently having eczema, ulcers of the stomach or any cardiovascular disorder. You should not have suffered eczema previously as well.
  • Suffering from regular convulsions or any other psychiatric disorder.
  • Taking drugs that are contraindicated with Amantadine. You can know about this from your doctor. These are typically other antiparkinsonian medications like anticholinergics. Medicines that act directly on central nervous system such as sedatives, pain killers and even stimulants like alcohol and diuretics have to be avoided and you need to inform your doctor about having taken them. These can cause severe reactions if continued when having Amantadine and produce undesirable side effects.

Side Effects of using Generic Symmetrel:

The common ones are depression, nervousness, inability to concentrate, headache, lethargy, insomnia, difficulty in speaking coherently and blurred vision. Some patients may also experience a swelling in their ankles, dry mouth, constipation and sweating that is beyond normal.

Check with your doctor if you feel the intensity of these effects is beyond your tolerance or if you find anything else that is unusual. There may be other side effects too that are specific to individuals and you need to watch out for them in order to inform your doctor about them. He can then modulate the dosage accordingly.

Dosage and Administration of Amantadine:

The Generic Symmetrel or Amantadine medicine for Parkinson’s disease is available in 100mg capsule form that needs to be taken with water just once a day and just after food. This will help you deal with any stomach related disorders that the drug may cause. Do not take the risk of having it on an empty stomach. You will begin to see benefits within a week but do not stop taking it without your doctor’s advice.

You have to take Symmetrel or Amantadine as a course and as long as your doctor recommends. It is up to him to tell you to slowly reduce the dosage depending on the response and improvements he sees within you. He may even ask you to stop for some weeks and continue again after the gap. The severity of Parkinson’s disease in the patient dictates how much longer the patient has to keep taking Symmetrel or Amantadine.

For influenza too, the treatment is one capsule daily with water and after food. The course is of 10 days and should be continued till you see the influenza outbreak tapering off. Ensure you take symmetrel within 48 hours of the symptoms for maximum efficacy.

If you happen to miss a dose, do not try to cover up by taking an extra capsule the next day. Stick to the same time daily for taking your dose and do not be erratic. Self medication can be dangerous when it comes to such medicines and you have to follow your doctor’s instructions meticulously.

Just ensure that you store generic symmetrel or Amantadine in a place that is cool and dry. Prevent exposure to moisture or extreme heat.

When you buy symmetrel to tackle influenza or Parkinson’s disease, you can be sure about its effective action in combating these ailments. Whether it is a branded or generic symmetrel version, the important ingredient amantadine is what makes this drug so potent.

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