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Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) is one of the protease inhibitors that is used for the treatment of HIV. It is to be used along with other anti-HIV drugs in order to increase the CD4 or T helper cells in the body. These are the white blood cells responsible to fight any infection threatening the body. The increase in these cells will enable the body to fight infections and not fall prey to any infection very easily. You can buy Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) to fight HIV but do not hope to cure HIV totally with this medicine.


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Benefits of Using Generic Crixivan (Indinavir):

Both Indinavir and generic crixivan versions bring down the amount of HIV within the body. They boost the immune system to produce more of the T helper cells that fight infections. Typically persons affected by HIV fall prey to other infections more easily due to their compromised immune system. These infections weaken the body and since these infections have to be treated with medication that should not interfere or contraindicate with indinavir or crixivan, the choice becomes difficult for doctors.

The HIV within the body is referred to as the ‘viral load’. These when left untreated can cause havoc in the body and cause the breakdown of working organs slowly. They have to be combated with CD4 cells whose numbers have to be increased substantially and that is how Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) benefits. When taken with other anti HIV drugs, it leads to the increase of these T helper cells and that is how the quality of life of the affected person can improve. You can effectively prevent the condition from lapsing into AIDS with this protease inhibitor.

Action Mechanism of Using Generic Crixivan (Indinavir):

Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) restricts the multiplication of the HIV virus cells within the body. It prevents these cells from infecting other healthy cells and that is how the scourge of HIV is controlled. Moreover, it stimulates increased production of T cells that combat other infections routinely known to affect HIV impacted individuals. This increased immunity helps the body fight some of the most common infections effectively.

Normally when the virus attacks body cells and get multiplied, they also make new proteins. These are of the structural kind and are created out of the virus body. Then there are other proteins that are of the enzymatic kind responsible for making DNA as well as other necessary components for the survival of the virus.

Protease is a key enzyme that makes this possible. When you take Generic Crixivan (Indinavir), this protease inhibitor ensures that the enzyme is not able to encourage the production of proteins that aid multiplication of the HIV virus. That is how the HIV virus is contained and over time eliminated out of the system due to prolonged and consistent use of anti HIV medication. It however does not cure HIV and offers no protection against unsafe sex. You need to be careful even while on medication and take necessary precautions during sex to ensure you do not infect your partner.

Precautions Before using Generic Crixivan (Indinavir):

  • Remember that this antiviral medication cannot eliminate HIV totally on its own. You have to take Crixivan (Indinavir) along with other equally strong anti HIV drugs to be able to bring down the ‘viral load’. These other anti HIV drugs are also protease inhibitors and it is this combined onslaught on HIV that will bring down the numbers and at the same time increase T cells.
  • You have to keep taking the HIV medicines as per prescription and not stop them without your doctor’s consent.
  • If you wish to indulge in sex, ensure you are using high quality polyurethane condoms and dental dams so that there is no danger of your partner contracting HIV.
  • Do not let others use any of your personal effects like toothbrushes, razors, needles. At no point should your blood or other body fluids be allowed to pass into another body.
  • Always take Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) after a light meal and try to avoid taking it on an empty stomach.
  • Allow at least 2 hours after a meal to take Generic Crixivan (Indinavir). This is because meals that are high in protein or fat may inhibit the working of this medicine. You may take the meals you want but allow this gap of 2 hours or more at all times. You may take lighter meals and snacks like pretzels, pudding that is fat free and even popcorn prior to taking Indinavir.
  • Keep your doctor informed about pre existing disorders and the medicines you are already taking and do not leave out details of even supplements you may be taking.

Side Effects of Generic Crixivan (Indinavir):

  • Avoid taking Crixivan (Indinavir) if you are allergic to drugs without the permission of your doctor as it can set off reactions that may become unpredictable. Nausea, acid reflux, increased urination, change in taste, dizziness and indigestion are common issues faced by people who are allergic to drugs.
  • If you are already suffering from any kidney related disorder, keep your doctor informed about it. Crixivan can cause aggravation of the problem. Patients have reported kidney inflammation, stone formation and infections. It is therefore necessary to have a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day when you are on Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) medication so that the chances of kidney stone formation are reduced substantially.
  • If you are diabetic, then there is the possibility of ketoacidosis occurring due to inadequate management of blood sugar levels. It is also possible that patients can suffer from hyperglycemia or a high blood sugar level once they start taking Generic Crixivan (Indinavir). The doctor will then adjust medication to deal with the issue and may even prescribe new medication for diabetes.
  • People suffering from hemophilia A or B may experience increased bleeding.
  • Weakness of the muscles and general lethargy can set in as well. This can happen or more likely to happen if the individual is also on statins.
  • Body fat may accumulate around the neck and upper back while at the same time fat could decrease from around the legs and arms as well as from the face.
  • More than 10% of the patients have reported increase in bilirubin levels especially when they already are suffering from some liver related ailment.

Dosage and Administration of The Generic Crixivan (Indinavir):

The usual dosage of Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) is 800mg once in 8 hours. Since there are elements in food that can reduce the effectiveness of Generic Crixivan (Indinavir), you need to allow a minimum of 2 hours to pass before taking the medicine each time. You may take it with water or tea or coffee. You may allow an hour if you have consumed a light meal of corn flakes or dry toast.

The dosage of Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) is reduced to 600mg when it is taken along with other anti HIV medicines and drugs like delaviridine, ketoconazole and itraconazole. You still need to take this reduced dosage once every 8 hours though.

The dosage of Crixivan (Indinavir) may be increased to 1000mg by the doctor depending on the response of the patient and tolerance. There is no cure for HIV, but the administration of drugs like Generic Crixivan (Indinavir) can slow down the spread of this deadly virus dramatically. Crixivan (Indinavir) will help prevent the onset of AIDS and that is a major advantage. However, it needs to be supplemented by other anti HIV drugs for high impact.

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