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Cyproheptadine is the antihistamine present in Periactin and it helps in addressing problems of dry eyes, itching, hives and itchy nose and eyes. Basically, allergies are triggered and this causes the itching and antihistamines help in addressing such problems.

Using Periactin (Cyproheptadine)

  • You could buy Cyproheptadine at any of the medical outlets. Make sure to double check with the doctor before you buy Cyproheptadine (Periactin) medication. Always keep a measuring spoon to ingest it when you buy the syrup. The medication needs to be taken depending on the severity of the problem, the age and other medical conditions of the patient.
  • The medications are suggested by the medical specialists depending on the age and weight as well. Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine) is used to treat muscle spasms and also problems like stuffy nose, itchy nose, sneezing.
  • It has also proven to be very effective in treating skin related issues and dry eyes that leads to itching.
  • In case the problem persists even after continuing the medication, make sure to keep your physician posted about the same.


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Benefits of Using Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine):

  • You could buy Periactin (Cyproheptadin) at reputed outlets and only under medical guidance and supervision. Allergic problems have been successfully addressed with Cyproheptadine.
  • Other advantages or ailments where Cyproheptadine is suggested are when the patient suffers from pet allergies, urticaria, and food allergies. Cyproheptadine is also beneficial in treating insect bites allergies and also hay fever. Basically, every type of allergy can be treated with Cyproheptadine (Periactin). Also, at times, there are allergies like swollen tongue, lips, throat and eyes. This means that when there are itching related issues, Cyproheptadine (Periactin) may be used.
  • Also, itching that is associated with eczema and chickenpox can be addressed with these medicines. In case of migraine and severe headaches, Cyproheptadine is effective.

Action Mechanism of Using Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine):

  • Cyproheptadine is present in Periactin tablets and it has a sedating quality. The body produces the histamines to defend the body and it is stored as mast cells in every body tissue. However, at times the body reacts to allergens and it releases these histamines.
  • The histamines combine with the receptors which results in a chain reaction causing allergies like dry eyes and itchy eyes. The blood flows to that area where the allergy is persistent and the situation gets aggravated. This is how the action mechanism takes place. These could result in hay fever wherein the nose, airways are blocked resulting in swollen lips, throat and eyes.
  • Cyproheptadine works wonderfully by blocking the histamine and it makes a block by not allowing the histamines from the cells to bind to the receptors.
  • Cyproheptadine is sedative in nature and leads to drowsiness when proper dosage is not followed. Cyproheptadine is effective in treating headaches and migraine attacks and it is wonderful for treating migraine as the patient feels relieved within a short time.

Precautions Before using Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine):

  • Patients have to double check with their doctor before they start their dosage of cyproheptadine (Periactin). If you have any allergies, then it needs to be voiced out or else it could complicate the problems further. The patient has to clearly state his medical problems if any to the physician before he starts the medication. It is then left to the doctor to accordingly change the dosage and provide necessary instructions to the patient.
  • If you are suffering from kidney problems, intestine problems and are already undergoing medication, tell it to the doctor. At times, there are patients suffering from asthma and high eye pressure problems. When having the medication, make sure to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine as it could disrupt the working of the medication.
  • Try and do not dry immediately after taking the medication as it could lead to drowsiness and it is not safe to drive when you are under the influence of cyproheptadine.
  • Take precautions when taking the medication if you have a medical history of glaucoma, hypothyroidism, seizures, prostate and so on.
  • Keep your dentist posted before any dental work that you are on specific medication.
  • Lactating mothers and expecting mothers have to be double careful when starting with this medication. Check out with the gynecologist if it is safe for you and your infant. The medication enters the breast milk and it is definitely not safe for your infant to consume it. Make sure that the drug does not interact with the other medicines or it could lead to grave side effects. Irrespective of whether you are taking non prescription, prescription or herbal tablets, share it with your doctor as they will be able to suggest the right dosage.
  • Pain relief medicines, anxiety medicines and diphenhydramine medicines also interact with these medicines.
  • This medication may interfere with certain laboratory tests (including allergy skin testing, metyrapone test), possibly causing false test results. Make sure laboratory personnel and all your doctors know you use of cyproheptadine.
  • Go for an allergy test before you buy these medications.

Side Effects of Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine):

  • It goes without saying that every antihistamine drug or medication has its own share of side effects. The same is applicable for Cyproheptadine (Periactin) as well. The side effects may not be really very grave. Some of the side effects include headache, blurred vision, and retention of urine.
  • Sleepiness and drowsy feeling in addition to low blood pressure may be other side effects. Heart palpitations in addition to increase in heart rate are side effects which have to be brought to the notice of the physician.
  • Patients may also experience changes in their appetite, hunger, weight gain and also at times liver related issues and blood disorders. Find out from the doctor if these are normal or else it has to be addressed in the right fashion.
  • Confused feelings, restlessness and irregular heartbeat should not be ignored. Other side effects include seizures and this is something that can never be ignored whatsoever.
  • Patients who are taking other medications that also contain some alcohol and antihistamines will have to explain it to their doctor. Many of the cold and cough medicines may lead to drowsiness so go through instructions carefully when you are taking them along with cyproheptadine (Periactin).

Dosage and Administration of The Generic Periactin (Cyproheptadine):

  • The dosage of Cyproheptadine (Periactin) has to be followed carefully so that the patient does not suffer from drug overdose. In case there is an overdose, the patient has to be rushed to the emergency unit or hospital. Some of the symptoms where there has been overdose results in seizures in patients, feeling of drowsiness and widened pupils.
  • Kids exhibit dosage overdose symptoms like hallucinations, irritability and feeling of restlessness. It is important that the medication be kept away from the reach of the kids or else it could result in many problems. Patients who miss out a particular dosage can have it immediately once they remember. At times, if they miss one dosage, they can have the next dosage at the prescribed time.
  • However, double dosage should not be had as it could have serious repercussions. Make sure to store the medication at a cool place and not in the bedroom. Cyproheptadine Never store it in the refrigerator. Make sure to dispose off these medications after checking with the pharmacist and do not flush it down if the medicine has expired.

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