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Flonase nasal spray is used to treat allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. It decreases the inflammation and reduces nasal itching, sneezing and running nose. Prescription is needed to buy flonase and it should be taken once or twice a day. While many people do not experience any side effects, some may have side effects like nosebleed, headache, sore throat, or nasal burning or irritation.

Flonase is also known as (fluticasone propionate nasal spray). This is a prescription medication which is used to treat sneezing, stuffy nose and nasal itching (the medical term for this is rhinitis). fluticasone propionate is approved to treat these allergies or other causes (known as non-allergic rhinitis.)


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Benefits of fluticasone propionate

The common problems of sneezing, nasal itching etc. are common problems which can be easily treated with Flonase. This medicine is specifically used to treat seasonal or perennial nasal allergy and non-allergic symptoms. It can be used by both adults and children who are about four years old. Fluticasone Nasal spray may also be used in the treatment of nasal polyps which is not mentioned in the label.

Our immune system’s reactions to certain harmless substances like pollen, certain foods and medicines are known as allergies. It can be both seasonal and perennial. Seasonal allergies are those which affect a person at a specific time of the year (e.g. hay fever) whereas perennial allergies cans strike throughout the year. Allergy symptoms mostly strike the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Nasal allergies are also known as rhinitis which affects the eyes and nose.

A person who is suffering from allergies should minimize his contact with allergens. Along with this if he takes allergy treatment also, his life will become easier. Allergy treatment includes allergy shots or medicines. Fluticasone propionate is a very good medicine to treat allergies of the nose. It can be taken every day or on the days when you feel that the symptoms are going to occur.

After a lot of research, fluticasone propionate has been found to successfully treat nasal allergies. Studies have shown that fluticasone propionate is very effective in reducing nasal stuffiness, itching, running nose and sneezing. People usually take fluticasone propionate every day, but studies have found it to be effective when taken only when needed – only when they experienced the symptoms. Research also shows that fluticasone propionate is effective in treating non-allergic rhinitis (nasal symptoms which are not because of allergies). Generic Flonase is also available at cheaper rates.

Action Mechanism of Fluticasone Propionate

When the body’s immune system reacts to substances which are not harmful, people get allergies. These reactions are known as inflammation, and several cells and chemicals are involved in this. Flonase ensures that the histamine released due to such stimulants is not allowed to get absorbed by receptors, which will in turn trigger off other chemicals leading to sneezing, runny nose and redness of the eyes.

Flonase is a corticosteroid and long-term use of this sometimes causes side effects. But Flonase is a nasal spray and its effects are limited to the nose. Thus many long-term side effects of the steroids are prevented. It is not known how this medicine works for non-allergic rhinitis.

Precautions of Fluticasone Propionate

Before you use Flonase, what necessary precautions have to be taken should be discussed with your doctor. Since Flonase is a steroid, it can suppress your body’s immune system thereby increasing your risk of getting infections. fluticasone propionate can also suppress the body’s capacity to make natural steroids and this affects the growth rate of children.

You are advised not to take Flonase if the contents of nasal spray are allergic for you. Tfluticasone propionate is also not advised for people who have recently had nasal surgery, developed sores or have and injury inside the nose, not been vaccinated against chicken pox or measles, have herpes, tuberculosis or any other infections and are allergic to dyes, food or preservatives.

Your doctor should also know if you are planning to start a family or breastfeeding or if you are taking any other medications for some other disease including vitamins and herbal supplements if he prescribes fluticasone propionate for you. Flonase is a nasal steroid and if you are switching over to an oral steroid, your doctor should bring down your dose of oral steroid. Stopping it abruptly is dangerous.

If too much Flonase is taken, it suppresses the body’s ability to make natural steroids. If this happens, the drug should be lessened very slowly and the stopped to help the body to make natural steroids again.

Flonase when given to children and teenagers slows down their growth. Therefore fluticasone propionate is necessary to contact your physician before giving it to them.

Side effects of Fluticasone Propionate

The most common side effects of Flonase are bloody nose, headaches and sore throat. 1 to 3 percent of the people taking this tablet may have diarrhea, bronchitis and dizziness. Some serious side effects which should be immediately reported to the doctor are symptoms of asthma, frequent infections and signs of steroid toxicity. It is not necessary that everyone who takes fluticasone propionate should have side effects. Many people are able to tolerate fluticasone propionate very well and even if side effects occur, they are not major and can be treated with the help of a doctor.

Studies and clinical trials conducted on people who took this medicine and people who did not show that the common side effects included headaches, sore throat, nose bleeds, vomiting, cough and nasal irritation.

Other side effects of Fluticasone Propionate

The other side effects which occurred in 1 to 3 percent of the people were blood in nasal discharge, running nose, paid in the stomach, loose motions, and pain in the muscles, dizziness, and bronchitis.

There are certain rules to be followed when taking this medication. It comes in a nasal spray form and is usually taken once or twice daily. The bottle should be shaken well before each use. Blowing your nose before each dose is a must and your breathing should be gentle while spraying it into your nose. You should not inhale it or breathe deeply. This drug works when it comes in contact with the inside surfaces of the nose. It should not come in contact with throat or lungs.

You should avoid aiming the spray in the middle of your nose as this may lead to bleeding of the nose. In order to avoid this, you can spray by using the right hand to spray into your left nostril and vice versa. It has to be taken as prescribed for it to work effectively.

Dosage and of Fluticasone Propionate

The dose the doctor recommends for you depend on your age, other medicines you are taking and any ailments you may have.

For adults the dosage is two sprays in each nostril once a day or one spray in each nostril two times a day. Children who are 4 years or older can spray once in each nostril daily. Your doctor will adjust the dosage as needed.

The fluticasone propionate nasal spray depends on your age, medicines you are taking or any other medical conditions you may have. The dose for nasal symptoms is the same as above. Your doctor may also recommend 2 sprays of Flonase once daily to be sprayed only on the days when you experience the symptoms. For children also the dosage is the same as above.

For everyone, the maximum dosage will be two sprays in each nostril once a day.

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