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When you buy clarinex, or when you buy desloratadine, you can get immediate relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms and other allergies. Generic desloratadine(clarinex) provides you total freedom from suffering caused by any of the seasonal allergy symptoms. Generic Clarinex blocks the histamine that is released within the body as a response to allergy stimulants and thus stops the itching, sneezing and other inconveniences associated with such events. Generic Clarinex however will not clear your nasal passage. Generic Clarinex is thus used to effectively treat hives and allergies.

Outdoor allergies such as pollen allergy are quite common with more than 30 million Americans suffering from hay fever. This is caused due to exposure to pollen from plants and fallen pollen on grass or weeds. The symptoms are classic such as bouts of sneezing, a constantly runny nose, watering of the eyes and redness in them.

On the other hand, those allergies caused when you are in the house and resulting out of dust, mites as well as pets also lead to similar symptoms. They become difficult to control and you have to take the help of medicines like clarinex to counter them and bring about relief to the sufferer.


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Benefits of Using Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine):

This medicine provides complete reprieve from allergy symptoms like hay fever and from those caused due to indoor allergies. Very often house dust, fungi, molds, the presence of insects like dust mites, cockroaches and other pets may cause allergic symptoms to manifest within the body. The resulting histamine that is released in response may cause a variety of associated problems like severe itching, the hives, sneezing or a runny nose. You may not be able to find any relief when you take conventional medicines and therefore have to take specific medicines like generic clarinex.

The benefits of desloratadine thus extend to discomfort caused by both outdoor as well indoor allergies and have proved to be most useful for patients.

Action Mechanism of Using Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine):

Desloratadine is something that can be taken orally and has a long acting mechanism.Generic Clarinex is used mainly to counter conditions resulting out of histamine released within the human body. Histamine is a chemical that the immune system of the body releases as a response to allergic stimulants present in the air. These stimulants can be dust, pet presence, insects or something in the food. The mast cells within the body store histamine and release them in order to combat the potential ill effects of allergic stimulants.

The moment histamine is released, the receptors that receive this histamine get activated and this triggers off various other chemicals that actually cause the allergic symptoms of itching, running nose, continuous sneezing and so on. The condition can last for a long time and conventional medicines will not provide the relief that is required. The patient undergoes much suffering and really gets disheartened and feels helpless to tackle such conditions.

This requires administration of a different type of medicine in the form of clarinex. When you buy clarinex, you get the benefit of desloratadine, which acts by blocking the action of the receptor that receives the histamine released. When this happens, that receptor is no longer able to trigger off the release of other chemicals that usually leads to the symptoms mentioned above. The patient thus gets immediate relief even though the allergic stimulants may still be present within the room and near him.

Desloratadine works effectively without causing any sedation as it does not enter any of the brain cells. This major advantage is why Generic Clarinex is preferred over other similar anti allergic medicines. The person can go about his daily tasks without feeling drowsy or lethargic.

Precautions Before using Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine):

The first rule when taking any medication is to consult your doctor. Keep him posted about any medication you are already taking or if you are suffering from liver or kidney ailments. If you are pregnant, lactating or planning a pregnancy, make sure your consulting doctor knows about it.

This is important as Generic Clarinex, which is a Category C has the potential to harm your child. It can also interfere with your body hormones and therefore if you are planning a pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to put it off for some time till you have totally recovered.

Do not do any self medication or dosage regulation on your own and always check with your doctor if you are experiencing any uneasiness. You need to do this even to stop the medication if you have found total relief.

Side Effects Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine):

Some amount of dizziness with muscle pain may occur in some individuals. Some others may also have an incidence of urinary tract infection accompanied by tiredness.

Other side effects of Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine):

Lesser known side effects are bouts of indigestion, dryness of the mouth, boost in appetite, increase in the heart beat and some lung congestion. During menses, you may experience some menstrual pain while taking clarinex during that time. But these are not at all common and you do not have to worry about them. The tolerance to generic desloratadine (clarinex) for most people is quite high and the side effects that have been mentioned are not of an intensity that warrants any concern. They do not require separate treatment or medication.

Studies have shown that less than 2.4% of those who took Clarinex had to stop taking it due to the side effects they faced. That is indeed a very low number and you may take generic desloratadine with confidence.

Dosages of Generic Clarinex (Desloratadine):

The advised dosage for adults as well as for children below the age of 12 is 5mg just once a day. Those of you suffering from any kidney or liver ailment will need to take it only on alternate days. You may take this dose at any time of the day but ensure that you take it consistently only at that time and do not be erratic taking it whenever you feel like or are reminded about it. Taking it at a specific time each day will ensure that the optimum level of Generic Clarinex is maintained and that will keep providing total relief to the patient.

The above mentioned dosage though is for normal individuals. There are other factors that you will need to clarify with your doctor to ensure you are taking the right dosage. Your age, the exact condition you are being treated for, any other ailments you may be suffering from for which you are taking medications will influence the dosage.

Children in the age group of 6 - 12 need to take only 2.5mg of desloratadine. It can be increased to 5mg if the conditions are severe and persist despite the initial dosage.

Those in the age group 12 months – 5 years have to be administered 1.25mg and those from 6 months – 11 months can be given 1mg of desloratadine (clarinex). This medicine is available in the form of syrup for easy ingestion and convenience for children.

To summarise, generic clarinex or generic desloratadine is a drug you can turn to whenever you experience allergic symptoms of any nature. Generic Clarinex is effective without any major side effects and what’s more is safe to be administered to kids as well.

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