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Cancer is one deadly disease which is curable but it’s a very long and tedious process to get treated. The world sees at least 23% cases of cancer as breast cancer. Since it’s mostly women who suffer from this form of cancer, it’s kind of deemed to be a woman’s disease. This is not true and there are cases of even men having breast cancer.

Breast cancer is when there is a cancerous growth in the breast. There are many reasons why this could happen. Unhealthy lifestyle, high cholesterol levels, smoking, alcohol and even genetics are some of the reasons why people get breast cancer. Premenopausal breast cancer is usually caused because of hormonal imbalance. Inside each cancer cell there are receptors present. Hormones have a way of latching themselves on to these receptors. One among these receptors is the estrogen receptor. The source of growth for this particular cancer cells is from estrogen. If the supply of estrogen can be cut down the cancer can be controlled. Letrozole tablets or Femara is a drug that does exactly that. It is given to women who are in the pre-menopause stage or who have just experienced menopause. This medication is prescribed mostly after surgery and radiation.


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Benefits of Using of Generic Femara (Letrozole):

Letrozole Femara when used according to the doctor’s prescription regularly and properly surely has a lot of advantages.

  • Keeps Cancer at Bay:- With cancer the problem is after cancer treatment you still have to be very careful so that the cancer doesn’t resurface. It is found in studies that after the cancer removal surgery women who have been taking Letrozole tablets or Femara regularly have shown up to 20% lesser chances of the cancer coming back.
  • There are Lesser Side Effects:- As is with every cancer drug there are side effects when you have this drug too. The benefit of having Letrozole or Femara tablets is that it doesn’t have too many side effects and if the patient is willing to lead a healthy lifestyle they will surely be able to manage their regular life.
  • Mortality Rates are Lower:- Cancer has a way of eating into the person and mostly the end is death. Proper surgery, chemotherapy and then medication are required to keep cancer under check. Letrozole tablets or Femara has shown positive results that patients taking this regularly have 21% chances of survival more than those on other medications.

Action Mechanism of Using Generic Femara (Letrozole):

The medicine Generic Letrozole Tablets is available in the market under the brand name Letrozole or Femara. This is an oral anti - estrogen drug. Premenopausal cancer is treated using generic Femara. The uterus is what produces estrogen but for some women even after menopause the estrogen secretion doesn’t stop. They have estrogen flowing in their blood and the estrogen receptors of the cancerous cells will make sure that they attach themselves to this supply of estrogen. When you Buy Letrozole Online and start taking them, the Femara or Letrozole works directly on the adrenal glands. These glands are the manufacturing plant for the estrogen running in the blood stream. Letrozole tablets or Femara just stops the aromatase which is the enzyme responsible for the production of Estrogen. This cancer medication works in two ways. It can stop the production of estrogen or it can be used to block estrogen from feeding the receptors.

Precautions before Using of Generic Femara (Letrozole):

The first and foremost thing to remember is that do not take Letrozole tablets or Femara when you are pregnant. Letrozole or Femara stops estrogen production and estrogen is a must during pregnancy. The fetus can be damaged or even abortion is possible if Letrozole tablets or Femara are taken by pregnant women.

As a woman if you are lactating then once again you have to stay away from Letrozole or Femara. This medication may cause a reduction in the production of milk and may harm you and the baby as well.

Keep your doctor or pharmacist informed about any allergies that you have. If you are a patient suffering from osteoporosis, liver diseases or high cholesterol too you must let your doctor know before you start the medication prescribed.

Letrozole tablets or Femara will make you feel drowsy and so you must be responsible and stay away from machines or avoid driving under the influence of the medication.

Side Effects of using Generic Femara (Letrozole):

Whenever you take medicines which are strong there are sure going to be side effects. The side effects which you should take note of are:-

  • Loss of Appetite:- This is most common and you have to boost your morale and eat a proper diet.

  • Hot Flushes:- This happens to most women and so it’s better that you is in some place safe like your home.

  • Nausea:- Trying some natural home remedies for nausea may help.

  • Joint Pain:- Severe pain in the joints may make you feel tired and weak. Resting enough is good.

  • Constipation or Diarrhea:- Depending on your body type and the kind of food you eat you may have either. The best way out for both is too keep you well hydrated and eat lots of green leafy vegetables.

  • Changes in Weight:- Sudden decrease or increase in weight might happen. Keeping a strict properly balanced diet is essential.

  • Headaches and Dizziness:-If you are not eating right this might happen more often. Drinking lots of water will keep at the headaches under control. You water intake should be more that 3 liters per day.

  • Improper Sleep:- Sleeplessness or sometimes constantly sleeping might occur.

  • Hair Loss:- Applying regular hair oil and a lit bit of massages may help you relax.

  • Welling of Hands or Legs:- The joint pain and fatigue can add to this symptom. Proper rest and that too in a comfortable bed is a must.

Dosage and Administration of Generic Femara (Letrozole):

For a patient the prescribed dosage is 2.5mg. This should be taken only once in a day. It can be taken along with food or vice versa. Those who are having any liver ailments should take this only once in two days. In case you have forgotten a dose or have accidentally skipped one you can take it the minute you remember it. If it’s close to your next dose do not take it and make sure that in no circumstances should you take two Letrozole tablets or Femara in a day. If by accident you have taken a double dose call your nearest poison control centre or rush to a hospital.

This is a prescription drug and must be stored at strictly only room temperatures. If you are pondering “Where can I buy Letrozole Online?” You can buy Letrozole online as well. It’s simple, fast and easy. Your debit card or credit card can be used to make the payments and this way you need not worry about going out to buy the medicines. Femara or Letrozole will be delivered to you right at your door step.

There are many drugs there in the market. A positive approach from your end is vital for any treatment to work. Any battle is won or lost in the mind itself and so remain positive and let Letrozole or Femara work inside you and help you. Cancer is a deadly disease but there are ways to defeat it. Listening to your doctor and taking care of yourself will ensure that you are on the road to recovery.

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