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Millions of people around the world fall victims to this unusual skin problem irrespective of age and sex and it is scientifically termed as vitiligo. This skin condition is caused when the melanin producing cells are destroyed that causes white patches on the skin. Melanin determines the color of our skin and hair. The melanin in the skin is also very important as it protects us from the harm ultra violet radiations coming from the sun. Skin de pigmentation problems affect every two out of ten individuals. Some may not be aware of the treatments available hence they ignore the skin de pigmentation patches. The real causes of vitiligo are still unknown. But evidences suggest that is characterized as an autoimmune disorder. Researchers suggested that the extensive change in the skin color may occur due to people having vitiligo in their family especially inherited from their parents and grandparents. Other reasons are hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, hyperthyroidism, improper food combinations etc.

Albaquin cream is prescribed for the treatment for vitiligo. Best option and safest way to deal with the skin de pigmentation problem Benoquin cream is easily available online and without a prescription. Benoquin is used as a treatment and restoring a normal coloring on the skin by way of de pigmentation therapy.


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Benefits of Monobenzone

Albaquin is the only medication coming in the form of topical cream which is extremely effective and best treatment for vitiligo

  • Since there is no permanent cure for vitiligo , monobenzone cream becomes beneficial and cost effective vitiligo treatment
  • Benoquin can be used without a prescription for skin de pigmentation problems with least chances of side effects.
  • Monobenzone shows effects faster within one to four months after you start using it.

Action Mechanism of Benoquin

  • Buy Benoquin cream it has a formulation of 20% monobenzone.
  • The monobenzone is the powerful de pigmenting agent in the skin that helps to restore a normal coloring on the skin.
  • The Albaquin cream is applied on the affected areas regularly to achieve best results
  • The monobenzone in the cream begins to de pigment the darker parts of the skin and the whiter complexion and a normal coloring on the skin is achieved within a span of 1-4 months of regular use.
  • The monobenzone cream is effective where almost 50% of the body is covered with vitiligo patches.
  • The darker parts are converted into a whiter complexion of the skin.

Precautions while taking Albaquin:

Taking precautions while using Benoquin is a must to avoid any problems such as:
  • Benoquin is only used for the treatment of vitiligo and no other skin condition such as scales, freckles, acne.
  • Benoquin must not be used as a beauty or skin lightening cream. Though monobenzone cream has skin whitening properties but it is only used for vitiligo treatment.
  • Avoid using Benoquin if you are hypersensitive or allergic to it.
  • Using Benoquin if you don’t have vitiligo can cause irreversible hyper pigmentation.
  • Make sure to use a sun screen on your skin if going out in the sun while you are undergoing treatment with Benoquin as that can tan your skin.
  • In case of pregnant ladies and nursing mothers one must consult a doctor before using Benoquin.

Side Effects of Monobenzone cream

  • rashes and hives
  • inflammation and swelling of tongue and face
  • breathing problems
  • redness and itching on the skin

Dosage and Administration of Albaquin

A thin layer of cream is to be applied on the affected areas and rubbed gently till the cream gets completely absorbed into the skin. Buy Monobenzone cream and apply daily at least two to three times a day.

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